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Communities United was founded in 2000 as Albany Park Neighborhood Council by a committed group of community residents. As our membership expanded to additional communities throughout the city, we changed our name to Communities United in 2015 to better reflect our mission to unite communities in advancing social, economic, and racial justice. Nationally recognized, CU develops local leadership to advance racial equity at the community, city, and state levels. Through a transformative approach to leadership development, CU ensures that those most directly impacted by inequities are at the forefront of advancing systemic change. Throughout our history, CU has organized more than 20,000 individuals and families through coalition-building with over 60 other organizations to advance change.

An intergenerational, grassroots, community-based organization, CU serves the neighborhoods of Albany Park, Austin, Belmont-Cragin, Roseland, and West Ridge, on the northwest, west, and south sides of Chicago. Through a transformational approach to youth and intergenerational leadership development and community-driven systems change, CU focuses on advancing health equity, affordable housing, education justice, youth investment, immigrant rights, police accountability, and shifting resources from the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems into restorative justice alternatives.

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