You can contact the offices of Communities United by calling

(773) 583-1387 or at: [email protected]

Communities United
4600 W. Palmer St.
Chicago, IL 60639


Eny Abarca, Regional Organizer in Belmont Cragin

Emily Aguilar, Operations Manager

Jennifer Arwade, Co-Executive Director

Abi Beiza, Office Manager

Heather Barnes, Regional Organizer in Roseland

Mikala Barrett, Youth Organizer

Korey Bilbro, Regional Organizer in Roseland

Raul Botello, Co-Executive Director

Juan Cruz, Immigration Organizer & Communications Coordinator

Maria Degillo, Youth Director

Jessica Estrada, Reimagine Justice IL Cooordinator, Regional Organizer in Belmont Cragin 

Antoinette Huber, Development Associate

Fasher Khan, Housing Organizer & Regional Organizer in Westridge

Danni Limonez, Bikes N' Roses Program Director

Eduardo Montiel, Artistic Director

Laqueanda Reneau, Youth Organizer & Regional Organizer in Austin & North Lawndale

Luis Sinchi, Youth Organizer

Linda Slavik, Business Manager

Eric Wilkins, Regional Organizer in Roseland